About Us

Emmanuel TV is a creation of CSF (Christian Services Foundation) and is being operated and managed under the same. CSF, before conceiving Emmanuel TV has been actively engaged in conducting various religious programs to spread the word of God and to honor HIS name. The highlight of these programs was the transmission of a long duration Christmas Special Program which was broadcasted from Pakistan Television Islamabad on 25th December 2003. This was a long duration broadcast and was participated by honored guests such as the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Chairman PTV and many other Christian and Government dignitaries.

Along with many christian artists a lot of muslim artists such as Tarranam Naaz, Anwar Rafi played a part in this program which was adored by the viewers. CSF continued to present similar christian christmas programs till 2003 and 2004 on PTV.

CSF has the honor to produce the first Christian movie including renowned professional cast with a majority of muslim artists. This christian movie is based on the miracles of our lord Jesus Christ. This movie has been been named “Shafi”.

Now we are continuing with the making of another Christian Movie by the name of “Charni” based on the birth of Jesus Christ. Professional directors, senior cameraman (Sarfraz Alexandar), crew members and DOP of PTV have put in a lot of effort in the making of this movie. We have tried to meet the international standards of cinematography while producing this movie.

Earlier, people used to watch English and European produced christian movies, one of the motive of producing these movies in Pakistan was to give the people a local version of the christian movies where they could watch their own actors performing the biblical story.

This movie covers the birth of Jesus Christ, however we want to extend the production of the movie to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To get this great feat done we need funds which we hope to raise through various christian organisations and philanthropists individuals or groups.

Till now we have not been supported by anyone and we have been able to reach to this stage by HIS Grace and efforts of some very dedicated and God fearing christian and muslim professionals.

We wish that we could finish and release this made in Pakistan Christian movie worldwide not only to bring glory to His name and also to acknowledge the efforts all the team including both the Muslim and Christian crew members have put in in the making of both these christian movies.

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